Рост: 168 см
Вес: 65 кг
Возраст: 67 лет
Волосы: Блондинки
Грудь: 3 размер
Национальность: Негритянки
Обо мне

Continued massage. Individual meeting for worthy men))) I meet at home (premium class house). Deep muscle relaxation will relieve you of bad moods, anxieties, problems and worries. Relaxing massage. Energy massage. Body massage, erotic massage. This process delivers a lot of unusual emotions not only to the person in my hands, but I myself get a lot of pleasant sensations from this, watching how the body shudders from my touch. Every centimeter, every secret place of your body - will not go unnoticed. Call or write to WhatsApp or Telegram let's meet and have fun.