How to connect metamask to defi kingdoms

how to connect metamask to defi kingdoms

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Select the DEFI Kingdoms page, and click on start playing. Now, you will see a message to connect to this site in your metamask wallet, click on connect and that's it. If this is the first time you use this wallet in DEFI Kingdoms, you will be asked to enter a name and a profile picture and you will have to confirm the transaction in your wallet.

Click the down arrow under DFK Chain to expand the entry. In the row with the URL that begins with htps:// click Connect Wallet. (You may need to scroll the window...

DeFi Kingdoms is a browser-based game, so all you need to set up your system is a compatible browser with the MetaMask extension installed. The DeFi Kingdoms tutorial walks you through downloading a compatible browser and installing the MetaMask extension. Additionally, you will need Harmony ONE tokens for gas fees, and to convert to JEWEL ...

Open your Defi Wallet. Click the "View Settings" in the Upper Left of the screen. Next, select "Recovery Phrase". Click "Continue". The app will display each of your 12 seed words. Write them down in a safe place. Next, install MetaMask onto your phone via the App Store / Google Play or install the MetaMask extension onto your browser.

Here's how. Connect your MetaMask wallet. Search for the network you want to add. Once found, click the 'Add To Metamask' button. This will pull up an interface showing the RPC details that will be added. Click 'Approve' if you are happy with the details.

Do it from within meta mask using their browser. level 1 · 6 mo. ago You need to send Harmony one into your Harmony mainnet wallet to start game after you creat a hero. On this site you can look up your Ethereum address so that it will give you a Harmony one equivalent address to transfer some Harmony one inside of.

What are your options and how can you get started with DeFi Kingdoms? 1. Configuring a MetaMask Wallet to Interact with the DFK Game 2. Playing DFK on the MetaMask smartphone 3. What can you Play in DFK right now? Quests Rewards 1. Wishing well 2. Profession Quests (Foraging and Fishing) Conclusion:

Made MetaMask account, added harmony mainnet, and created harmony chrome extension and imported it into meta mask. Then put some ONE into the wallet. Logged in just fine and started farming. It was awesome. This morning I tried logging in, selected the MetaMask wallet and it says "Wrong Network" - Click here to connect to the Harmony Mainnet.

The destination should show Defi Kingdoms and JEWEL. Enter the amount of JEWEL you want to bridge and then click Approve Bridge. Approve the transaction in Metamask. (there should be 2 approvals required). Once the transaction has completed you can close the bridge window. This will take you back to Sage Ellia. Add DFK Chain to Metamask

Then connect using Metamask How To Get To CrystalVale On DeFi Kingdoms? 32 You will be directed to the Outpost. Step 1: Move your AVAX to DFK Chain At the Outpost you will meet with Snow Sage Ellia. With her you will find a bridge that allows you to move your AVAX to DFK Chain.

Connecting (but not importing) Ledger to Metamask and DeFi Kingdoms Step 2.1— Connect Ledger Wallet to Metamask Web Browser Extension Open your Metamask browser extension, click on the multicolored...

This tutorial is intended as a basic overview of the steps needed to create a DeFiKingdoms account. Transfers of tokens or funds from wallet to wallet carry significant risk if proper steps are not followed. Viewing vendor-specific guides on deposits, purchases, and inbound/outbound transfers is encouraged. Test transfers in small amounts are ...

After entering the platform, you will click the enter tab to enter the app. At the top right corner, you will find some options, such as governance, swap, and others. Click on "Connect to a wallet" at the upper part. If you have your Metamask connected to your browser, you can easily connect it through "browser wallet.".

Click "Download Now" and choose your browser type; Go through the process and add the MetaMask extension to your particular browser. After the extension has been added, you should be greeted with the following screen; Go ahead and click "Get Started". The next screen is asking us if we are new to MetaMask.

DeFi Kingdoms Crystalvale How to Enter Crystalvale Crystalvale Airdrop Schedule Hero Summoners #1 Snapshot: Jan 1 - 21, 2022 Airdropped Each new Hero that was summoned from Jan 1, 2022 until Jan 21, 2022 will result in 1 raffle entry for the player to win a Shiny Gen 0 Crystalvale Hero Crystal. There will be 10 drawings for a total of 10 Gen 0s.

This tutorial shows how to setup Metamask, deposit BNB, and connect Metamask to DRIP Network. If you are interested in participating in DRIP and begin earning 1% daily rewards, you will need a buddy.

Linking MetaMask to Elfin Kingdom is really easy!On this video we show the simple steps you need to follow in order to successfully install, configure and li...

MetaMask Setup - How To Add The MetaMask Plugin. Installing MetaMask is very easy and convenient. Just follow the below-mentioned steps: Open your web browser. Download the MetaMask wallet for your particular browser from the official website. On the top right corner of your browser, click on the MetaMask extension that pops up.

DeFi Kingdoms Blockchain launches on March 30, 2022 and will host the first expansion to the game, called DeFi Kingdoms: Crystalvale. In-game bridging will be available between chains. For information on how to setup your MetaMask wallet, please refer to our tutorial here or Harmony's documentation here .

To connect Metamask to Harmony network all you have to do is find and add the Harmony networks custom RPC endpoint information. Adding Harmony Network Launch Metamask and at the top you'll see "Ethereum Mainnet" chosen as your current network. Click on Ethereum Mainnet and scroll down. At the bottom you'll see "Add Network" option.

To install MetaMask, follow the below step-by-step guide: 1. Go to 2. Move your cursor to the "Download Now" button and hit it.0. 3. Select the platform that you are using to install MetaMask and hit "Install MetaMask for xxxx". 4. A new window pops up which says "Add to Chrome".

If you're on iOS or Android, Metamask will link you to either the Apple App Store or the Play Store. Click Install, then open Metamask once the download and install is complete. Once the app is open we can start setting up your new wallet. Click "Get Started" Click "Create a Wallet" Click "No Thanks" on helping us improve Metamask

Getting Started on DFK Chain for new users. For those new to crypto, DeFi Kingdoms and DFK Chain will first need to go to You will see a prompt to create either a Coinbase Wallet or Metamask Wallet. Here, you can find a complete step-by-step guide on setting up a MetaMask wallet here .

Step 1: Install MetaMask Wallet. Step 2: Add Polygon Network to Your MetaMask. Step 3: Transfer Tokens to Your MATIC Network. Polygon was probably one of the most widely-talked about layer-2 scaling solutions for. Ethereum in 2021, thanks to its incredibly fast transaction speed at much lower costs. With the help of the network, users can now ...

Go ahead and access it here. In the top right-hand corner, you should see a prompt to Connect to a wallet. You'll see this in some form on all MetaMask-compatible sites, as it doesn't automatically connect for security reasons. Click on it, and you'll be asked to select which wallet you're using.

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